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Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome

Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome
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Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome  (Audio CD) 
by Maria Bamford

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Almost an hour of hilarious stories told with characters in her inimitable, idiosyncratic style. The DVD features 90 minutes of fantastic video shorts, which originally appeared as "The Maria Bamford Show" web series on Super Deluxe. Maria is well-known from her two "Comedy Central Presents" specials, two critically acclaimed and strong-selling albums, her role in "The Comedians Of Comedy", and in Fox's series "Sit Down, Shut Up", from the talk show circuit, and from extensive touring.

Product Details
Audio CD Release Date:April 21, 2009
Studio:Comedy Central Rec.
Number Of Discs:2
Average Customer Rating: based on 37 reviews

Track Listing
1. Baby Jesus
2. My Sister
3. Learning
4. Wizard of Art
5. Getting Older
6. Being A Good Person
7. Mentor
8. Vision Board
9. Love Songs
10. I Miss Working In An Office
11. Free Clinic
12. Road Show

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 37 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

12 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5what can i say? maria at her finest! dvd webclips PRICELESS!  Sep 16, 2009 By summer wind "summer wind"
what is it i love so much about maria? is it her low-key yet somehow still spirited delivery? the fact that she mostly works "clean" yet is still hysterically funny? maybe it's because she used to play the violin. all i can say is GOD BLESS HER b/c she is my sunshine on a cloudy day! such a unique voice. such an original performer. ALWAYS a go-to girl for "the funny" and ALWAYS a little bit...well, on the wonderously off-beat and "odd" side! i enjoyed every aspect of this, her latest production--and i loved the webclips on the bonus dvd so much i IMMEDIATELY watched them back to back all over again the next day b/c they gave me such a "high." so yourself a favour--order this for yourself or give it to someone you love as a gift--you CANNOT go wrong with maria bamford!

11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Bizarre and beautiful!  Jun 16, 2009 By Bob Hill "playground psychotic"
Unbalanced minds are a wonderful thing. While they're tipping to and fro they reveal a little of what's underneath the facade of everyday workaday world. Much is revealed by Maria. She sees humanity in a different light, both sharp and soft, like her face which has piercing eyes and and a compassionate heart showing showing through. She's definitely evolving, and it's scary to think where she'll go next. She is my absolute favorite humorist/comic, and I recommend you not only buy this cd (and all her cd's), but buy them for the people you love. She is the gift that keeps on giving. About the dvd. Why she isn't sought after for films and tv is beyond me. Maybe it's her good taste. It's hard to place her character playing potential because she shines in all directions she chooses. I measure acting skill by the ability to change appearance without extreme makeup and effects. Here we have a mighty chasm between the exquisite shy dater and the exquisite though disturbing Pastor Dan. The rest is, as Maria says, gravy. Exquisite gravy.

16 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5Lovely  May 23, 2009 By J. Warren
The audio portion is fantastic. In addition, you get a DVD of her show from Superdeluxe (which makes this worth getting in and of itself).

Buy this or I will kill you.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5Please enter a title for your review:  May 02, 2009 By pancake_repairman "pancake_repairman"
so i dug her first album, i thought it had good jokes, then her second album i thought kinda had bad jokes, now this one comes out and i don't know if it's exactly comedy but after listening to this and watching her maria bamford show which some of this material is from it's like batpoop insane, like she is the most avant garde mofo alive. it seems like the descent into madness premise isn't that far from reality.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Great CD but listen to her other material first, then buy this CD  Jan 07, 2010 By Peter J. Ward
Maria Bamford is easily one of the best comedians working but you won't get much out of this album without her first two albums as a reference. Her material on the first two albums How to Win! and The Burning Bridges Tour have more belly laughs but this one is the most endearing if you've developed a soft spot for this talented and under-rated comic. Maria Bamford's obvious strength is the wide array of voices she used in her act but I think her "dark" material, when she lets herself use it, is unforgtettable. "Do you recognize this wallpaper? It's your baby's skin!" and "long shirts ladies, am I right?" I really hope she gets a CD together where she really lets loose and doesn't worry about the audience's sensitivity!

The best track on the CD is the last one where she dissects a "normal" comedy routine in a way that only a professional comic could, but the track detailing the horrors of pug rescue is easily a close second. The CD also comes with a bonus disc, the complete run of "The Maria Bamford Show" and it is great low-budget fun. The standout episode (#10 Dark) features the song "Don't be afraid of the dark", which I really hope makes it to the next CD.

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