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Blue Collar Comedy


Truckload Sale

Truckload Sale
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Truckload Sale  (Audio CD) 

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The phenomenon that was the Blue Collar Comedy Tour sold out shows in more than 90 cities, grossed more than $15 million in concert box office, spawned a feature film and a TV series, and sold more than 7 million DVDs and 1 million albums, becoming the most successful multimedia comedy project in history. Now all three Blue Collar Comedy Tour albums from Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy have been collected on four CDs in the new boxed set, The Truckload Sale. (One For The Road is a 2-CD album.) ­ H I STORY: The Blue Collar Comedy

Product Details
Audio CD Release Date:June 05, 2007
Studio:Jack Records
Number Of Discs:4
Average Customer Rating: based on 3 reviews

Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. Act Naturally - Leon Russell
2. Intro - Ron White
3. Naked Eating Cheetos - Ron White
4. Flew In From Flagstaff - Ron White
5. Truth In Advertising - Ron White
6. Tubing - Ron White
7. Topless Bar - Ron White
8. Wake Up Call - Ron White
9. Death Penalty - Ron White
10. Intro - Larry The Cable Guy
11. World's Largest Margarita - Larry The Cable Guy
12. Girls I've Dated - Larry The Cable Guy
13. Pet Smart - Larry The Cable Guy
14. Victoria's Secret - Larry The Cable Guy
15. Doctor's Visit - Larry The Cable Guy
16. Winston Out Of NASCAR - Larry The Cable Guy
17. Sharp Dressed Man - Brad Paisley
18. Intro - Bill Engvall
19. 16-Year-Old Daughter - Bill Engvall
20. Skimpy Underwear - Bill Engvall
21. Sex Talk - Bill Engvall
22. Quitting Smoking - Bill Engvall
23. Boys Call the House - Bill Engvall
24. 20 Years Of Marriage - Bill Engvall
25. Intro - Jeff Foxworthy
26. Ice Fishing - Jeff Foxworthy
27. Nipple Bitten Off - Jeff Foxworthy
28. Definition Of Redneck - Jeff Foxworthy
29. NASCAR - Jeff Foxworthy
30. Redneck Words - Jeff Foxworthy
31. Family Was Rednecks - Jeff Foxworthy
32. Earliest Recollections - Jeff Foxworthy
33. How's My Butt Look - Jeff Foxworthy
34. Intro - Jeff Foxworthy
35. My Sister Is Covered With Moles - Jeff Foxworthy
36. Thrown Out Of a Bar - Jeff Foxworthy
37. Here's Your Sign - Jeff Foxworthy
38. Redneck Jokes - Jeff Foxworthy
39. Don't Ask Me No Questions - Chris Cagle
Disc: 2
1. Intro - Bill Engvall
2. Differences Between Men And Women - Bill Engvall
3. Spending Time Together - Bill Engvall
4. Here's Your Sign - Bill Engvall
5. Intro - Ron White
6. The Chinese Space Program And Other Musings On Life - Ron White
7. I Just Got Married - Ron White
8. Sluggo - Ron White
9. Intro - Jeff Foxworthy
10. TV And It's Side Effects - Jeff Foxworthy
11. Oreo Generation - Jeff Foxworthy
12. Courtesy Sniff - Jeff Foxworthy
13. Intro - Larry The Cable Guy
14. Vasectomies, Fat Girls And Monopoly Money - Larry The Cable Guy
15. The New Nascar - Larry The Cable Guy
16. My Family Is Weird - Larry The Cable Guy
17. Encore - Jeff Foxworthy
18. I Believe - Jeff Foxworthy
Disc: 3
1. I'm an Idiot - Bill Engvall
2. Good American Breakfast - Bill Engvall
3. Scooter To Level 9 - Bill Engvall
4. You Need a Massage - Bill Engvall
5. Buying Stuff - Bill Engvall
6. Boarding Our Dogs - Bill Engvall
7. Erectile Dysfunction & Dieting Tips - Ron White
8. Put the Damn Helmet On! - Ron White
9. Indian Reservations & Sanibel Island - Ron White
10. The Don Cesar Hotel - Ron White
11. Eskimos & Grizzlies - Ron White
12. Moussaoui & Sex Offenders - Ron White
13. Cheapest Lasik Surgery - Jeff Foxworthy
14. Redneck Dictionary - Jeff Foxworthy
15. Supermodel Or Redneck - Jeff Foxworthy
16. Redneck Fashion Tip No.1 - Jeff Foxworthy
17. Redneck Fashion Tip No.2 - Jeff Foxworthy
18. More Fashion Tips - Jeff Foxworthy
19. Tee Shirt Drawer - Jeff Foxworthy
20. Hunting With My Wife - Jeff Foxworthy
21. Amish Girls & Geico Insurance - Larry The Cable Guy
22. Calgary Stampede, Sex Tapes & Weight Loss - Larry The Cable Guy
23. Dating & Marriage - Larry The Cable Guy
24. Fishing - Larry The Cable Guy
25. Hunting, Popeyes & PETA - Larry The Cable Guy
26. Bass Pro Shop & Wal-Mart - Larry The Cable Guy
27. That's Embarrassing - Larry The Cable Guy
28. Home Depot - Larry The Cable Guy
Disc: 4
1. Our Favorite Jokes - Jeff Foxworthy
2. Embarrassing Photos - Jeff Foxworthy
3. One More For the Road - Jerome McComb

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 3 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Well worth the buy!  Mar 04, 2011 By mskelly
My husband and I like to travel allot; this means we are in the car for a lengthy period of time; If you need something to keep you on your toes and very much awake...this box set is for you! We were able to laugh and have such a remember-able and enjoyable time listening to the Blue Collar Comedians. Well worth the buy, sure makes me want to see them in a live performance!!!

2 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Only three disks  Mar 10, 2011 By Jay McPherson
This is great comedy, however, it is NOT 4 disks, only 3. I told Amazon about it, but they have done nada, zip, zilch, NOTHING. As long as you can be happy with not getting what they say this is, you will like this disk set.

4My Grandfather Loved it!!  Jan 30, 2010 By AI "Leah"
I got it for my grandparents for x-mas knowing that they travel a lot during the winter months and this was a perfect gift for them when they're on the road. They've listened to it multiple times and still love it!

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