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This Has to Be Funny

This Has to Be Funny
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This Has to Be Funny  (Audio CD) 
by Marc Maron

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A regular on such venerable shows as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Marc Maron is known for his incisive cultural and political commentary, mystical ruminations, and neurotic insights into human nature. Considered one of the hottest alternative comics in the business, Marc has appeared on just about every television show that books comedians and has had roles in several feature films.

Product Details
Audio CD Release Date:August 09, 2011
Studio:Comedy Central Rec.
Number Of Discs:1
Average Customer Rating: based on 17 reviews

Track Listing
1. Honest Sound Check/Intro
2. New York Hipsters
3. Cat Guy
4. "I Didn't Know How to Love You"
5. Heady
6. Texting While Driving
7. Creation Museum, The
8. Situation in My Head, A
9. Earl's Rooter
10. Spite Baby
11. Dating Aggressively
12. Working Out Their Daddy Issues
13. "Stop Talking!"

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 17 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 10 found the following review helpful:

4This one hurts...  Oct 16, 2011 By Tony Z
Ok, let's get this out of the way... Marc Maron is easily one of the most talented comedians to emerge from this past decade. I only recently got into him, and I can't believe I hadn't noticed him sooner. Listening to Maron brings backs feelings of listening to Bill Hicks for the first time. But the one thing that Maron has over Hicks and Carlin and other great social critics of our time is that he incorporates his rage and anxiety about his personal life into his comedy in a major way. As a fellow Leftist, pissed off, anxious screw up, I can relate to this dude in a way that I don't really get with other comedians.

So I'm a big fan of the dude. Now, on to the review.

I waited a long time to get This Has to Be Funny, because I had heard from a few people (and a couple reviews on this website) that is was a different Marc. It was less of the rage that made his other albums so perfect. My first Maron album was Final Engagement, which was a whirlwind of emotions, and after which I couldn't wait to get his first two albums. But after hearing how he sounded on this current release, I went into it expecting less than I did with Tickets Still Available or Not Sold Out.

I set my expectations low, and they still really weren't fulfilled.

The first few tracks aren't very good, with a few laughs here and there (the end of Cat Guy, in particular, is absolutely fantastic). Gone is the social criticism that has made him a legend. The tracks about his parents and being stuck in his own head are big laughs and classic Maron, as is Spite Baby. Texting While Driving is good, but nothing special. The Creationist Museum has some great parts, but goes nowhere. It drags on for 17 minutes and never builds up.

This is, ultimately, the major flaw of the album. From here on out, he goes through 3 or 4 stories that have major buildups with almost no payoffs. It continues with Earl's Rooter, Working Out Their Daddy Issues, and Stop Talking. Every one of these tracks have some good laughs, but the final jokes that he is obviously working up to just sink and never satisfy. Maybe another part of the problem is that I just don't really believe the stories. Naturally comedians embellish and exaggerate, but with Maron's past stuff, you felt every aspect of his rage and his misery. Here, some of them just seem like stories any boring comedian would simply make up.

Maron, if you can believe it, seems happier. He admits it at the beginning. He's still a mess, but it's not the same.

I recommend it to any Marc Maron fan only because any Maron is good Maron. But it pales in comparison to his previous three albums.

(Edit: I've listened to it a few times since this initial review. It's pretty damn good. Still not great, but I'll add a star.)

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5the real deal  Aug 16, 2011 By Kawika "honest2u"
If you want open, honest, hilarious comedy from a seasoned comic, look no further. Key difference between this and his previous release (Final Engagement) is that Marc's anger has waned considerably. Marc has a lot of hilarious insight on culture and our perceptions of each other. I loved the whole show (clocks @ 1.2 hours - so it loads a complete writeable CD). Another classic.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5More Maron  Nov 16, 2011 By newmiracle
If you like Marc Maron, what are you waiting for? Just get it already. I'm putting my review on the CD instead of the MP3 download because the artwork and packaging are nice. There's a blurb/review/prologue? by Ira Glass on the inside that is great, but it's a little bit of a spoiler so you should read it after you listen and not before.

I loved the album. It's simply more Marc Maron, and if you liked the last albums you owe it to yourself to get this one.

3 of 4 found the following review helpful:

3The period after the anger feels a little watered-down  Nov 26, 2011 By noizyme
I hadn't gotten into podcasts in general until about 2008, and I did so because of the variety of topics they would discuss, the guests they featured on the episodes, and the hosts' take(s) on seemingly normal material. WTF Podcast with Marc Maron was one of them, and I still listen to this day because of what it brings me: the hilarious and confounding guests and their stories, the introspection from it all, how did they "build their clown" and all that. When Marc released this CD/recording (whatever you want to call it nowadays...mp3 album), I felt compelled to buy it because of the amount of time I invested into this man trying to make his way through the rest of his life post-"angry madman-comedian." What you hear with every track is a bit of selfish neurosis and active questioning to the audience...any audience...if he's good enough.

I do this a lot with friends now that I'm 30 years old, not having attained a college degree yet and actively wishing something would come to me in a dream, so I can empathize with Marc as he pleads to be understood, but good entertainment must include something more. He includes a lot of references that have never meant anything to me: moleskine notebooks, Spaulding Grey, jodhpurs pants...and that's all in the second track! There's a lot of story-telling here in the same way Henry Rollins has been doing it for years, except Rollins doesn't make every story sound like he's lying on a therapist's couch. Maron does. His stories seem to have been culled from the first 7 minutes of every podcast he does, which makes me, an active WTF listener, feel a little ripped off.

If you think you might like this material, all I can suggest is to at least subscribe to Maron WTF podcast for about a month (it's free to subscribe) to get a feel for him and his story-telling, and if you find yourself appreciating the first 7 minutes in every podcast (where he tells you what's going on in his life at that moment in the week), then purchase this recording, but this recording isn't completely comedic or full of bull-acheing jokes like a Brian Regan or David Cross CD would have. It's more of a celebration of man trying to be accepted along with other men, no matter how neurotic you are. Problem is, it's starting to sound a little "one hat."

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Funny man  Oct 09, 2011 By At The Threshold
I didn't know Mr. Maron until I heard his podcast. At first he can be a little much (angry guy, complains a lot, very neurotic) but then he grows on you and you can't stop listening to him. This style of comedy is not for everyone but sometimes people think I am insane because I listen to this on my Ipod out in public and I laugh to myself. He makes me laugh and that's really what this is about so thank you Mr. Cat Guy!

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