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The Point Is

The Point Is
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The Point Is  (Audio CD) 
by Dov Davidoff

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Dov grew up in a junkyard, lost his virginity at age twelve with a prostitute in Mexico, and is very, very funny. Combining hyper ADD and audience connection, Davidoff puts on one of the most high intensity shows in standup. "The Point Is" captures this kinetic master at his best. Past high-profile TV appearances include The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, and Last Call With Carson Daly. He also starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in the film "Invincible" and is one of the stars of the upcoming NBC drama "Raines" with Jeff Goldblum. He's a regular fixture on Comedy Central and has won numerous comedy competitions.

Product Details
Audio CD Release Date:April 22, 2008
Studio:Comedy Central Rec.
Number Of Discs:1
Average Customer Rating: based on 12 reviews

Track Listing
1. Vanessa, Starbucks, My Bike Seat
2. Israel, Bus Stop, 2-Ply
3. Crazy People, Guy In The Garbage Can
4. Playboy, Footlocker, Peanut Butter
5. The Gay Man, Walrus
6. Therapist, I Love You, Thanksgiving
7. Vagina, Hollywood Animals
8. Big Titties, Glitter, Don't Assume
9. Pictures, Girls In A Group, Let's Be Friends
10. Pink Island, Necrophiliac, Mushrooms
11. Lindsay, The President, The Army
12. I Judge People, God, Ray Charles
13. Love, Magnum, Mood Lighting

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 12 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME  Aug 10, 2010 By Craig M. Zacarelli "Woodworker, turner, hitter of things with a hammer, photographer...amongst other things!"
I have been a fan of Dov since i awoke from a nap and his comedy central special was on.. the man is hysterical. this CD has some of his best stuff on it. the Bike seat thing, the guy in the dumpster.. all of Dov rules, get this CD and you wont be dissapointed.. And dont worry about all his "Ahhhhh-grrrrrr-aaaasa" type noises in the beginning, he sorts stops it or at least reduces it as the cd goes on.. I admit, it does remind my of older bobcat Goldthwait But Dov Rules!!!!!!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5im a huge comedy guy and dov davidoff is highly underrated  Dec 28, 2013 By Kyle Commons
i love guys like jim gaffigan, bryan regan, daniel tosh, aziz ansari, jasper redd, bill burr, greg giraldo and anthony jeselnik just so you have an insight into my type of comedy. not really a fan of the east coast type comedy from new yorkers. originally heard dov davidoff on late night, i think it was jay leno. davidoff doesnt swear a lot but he does swear so just a heads up for anyone who doesnt want that in their comedy. his jokes are great though and the way he delivers them makes them even better. talking about the guy in the garbage can may have been my favorite joke on the cd. overall a funny cd from start to finish

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5great stuff  Jan 23, 2009 By Bryan Astemborski
I had already seen video of his stand-up, possibly from this show, before buying the CD and I still laugh everytime. In fact, I've played it for several friends and they've all loved it too. Dov has some great rants, and unique stories/observations.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Definitely the type humor expected from Dov Davidoff  Jan 26, 2013 By Don B "Don"
Dov has a unique form of humor, and this CD shows that well. If you like his style, you'll love this CD. But, if you are expecting a Bill Cosby routine, this one's not for you.

4The point is reveiw  Nov 11, 2010 By Garry10
This audio CD, captures the essence of comedian Dov Davidoff. His inflections, frustations (real or acted) are successfully captured and it is a very funny set. I look forward to his DVD coming soon, he says.

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