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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Indecision 2004

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Indecision 2004
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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Indecision 2004

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The 2004 race for the White House was one of the most memorable presidential elections of the last five years. Now relive it again - and again - and, that's enough - with this exquisitely packaged heirloom collection. This 3-DVD set brings together some of the most repackageable moments from "Indecision 2004."

Product Details
Actors:Jon Stewart, Dave Attell, Michael Blieden, John Bloom, A. Whitney Brown
Director:Christian Santiago
Format:Multiple Formats, Box set, Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Number of Discs:3
Studio:Comedy Central
Run Time:22 minutes
DVD Release Date:June 28, 2005
Average Customer Rating: based on 44 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 44 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

128 of 143 found the following review helpful:

5Here's What You Get...Besides Laughs  Apr 13, 2005 By Crystal Lily "Coriolous"
I was very excited to see that The Daily Show was finally coming to DVD. I understand it's difficult for this type of show to release a Season by Season box set but this seems like a good compromise for fans. It will include:

3 discs

All 4 Democratic National Convention episodes which were taped at Boston university in front of a live audience.

All 4 Republican National Convention episodes which were taped at Daily Show Headquarters in NYC.

The first Bush/Kerry Debate entitled "The Squabble in Coral Gables" Really funny stuff.

The Daily Shows live coverage of Election Night 2004 entitled "Prelude To A Recount"

I can review all of these things honestly having watched the show since it's inception and having seen all of the above mentioned episodes. I've even gone to watch a live taping which I would recommend to anyone who lives within striking distance of NYC. The special pieces they did during the campaigns are truly funny from either side of the fence.

As for special features I really don't know but I hope that some of this information has helped.

27 of 29 found the following review helpful:

4For this uber fan -- Good, but a slight letdown . . .  Jul 02, 2005 By massthreat "massthreat"
If you're a voracious fan of the show don't let my review discourage you (it wouldn't anyway probably . . .):

I love the Daily Show -- have watched it since its inception before Jon Stewart -- been to the tapings , etc. Stewart warns at the beginning of Disc 1 that the material is no longer timely -- I can easily live with that because 2-3 years from now it will still be interesting to recall (with laughter preferably) some moments from that crazed election of 2004.

My complaint is the extra material -- there's just not that much of it. How difficult is it to do commentary over 4 or 5, 3-4 minute long segments? Not very difficult at all.

I guess I hoped for better "extra stuff" in a debut disc from such a talented group of people. It may well have been that Com Central gave them little or no money to do the extras. I feel like it shows.

And I agree with the other reviewer -- don't like the Paramount "bug" in the corner of my screen either -- I payed my good money for these discs and shouldn't have to deal with that kind of perpetual blot on my tv screen.

And one more thing: Just want to make note that before the disc was even released, a few people here decided to celebrate and then rate the quality of the show (number of peabody awards, emmies, etc.) instead of using this space the way it is meant to be used -- as a space to rate THE PRODUCT. nuff said.

20 of 21 found the following review helpful:

5Makes me wish I lived in America...  Aug 09, 2005 By T. Graham
Living in Australia we get a 20 minute Global Edition highlights episode of The Daily Show each week... if they actually screen it (Some weeks they just don't play it!). 20 minutes isn't enough so I ordered this DVD. IT IS BRILLIANT. These guys are frighteningly intelligent. It is gut-bustingly hilarious. The extras are worthy of a mention also (Steve Carrell dancing to "I Feel Good" while interviewing - too funny.)

There is nothing bad about this DVD. There is nothing boring on this DVD. There is nothing on this DVD that won't make you laugh out loud. PLEASE release more episodes of the Daily Show. Anything. Highlights DVD's would be great. Entire series. When will Australia learn that THIS is what comedy is all about.

21 of 23 found the following review helpful:

4If you're a fan or don't have cable, buy this  Jul 07, 2005 By T. Diddy "unimpressive person"
I am proud to announce that I am one of those 18-35 year-olds who (nearly) exclusively gets his news from The Daily Show. Jon Stewart and company's critiques of the way the media has slumped into a 24/7 spin machine are both heartbreaking and hysterical.

On to the DVD - I must agree with the other reviewers in that this seems a bit slapped-together. The Comedy Central previews that open up Disc 1 are rather obnoxious, as is the fact that Discs 1 & 2 both have long intro segments (though funny long intro segments) that must be skipped past in order to get to the main menus. Speaking of the menus - the third disc is horribly laid out, with the two live shows buried at the bottom of the screen.

The studio portions of the show are uncensored, meaning that every time Jon Stewart drops the F-bomb you actually get to hear it. Somehow, actually hearing the word instead of the bleep takes something away from the comedy. Most of the pre-taped segments are still censored, however.

While it is nice to have 10 uncut episodes of the show all in one place, I wish that they had removed some of Stewart's more uninteresting interview bits and loaded on more of their election coverage instead.

It has also been noted that the bonus content is rather sparse, and this is true. There are a few commentaries on segments from the third disc - the commentaries heavily feature Samantha Bee, though the other three correspondents drop by as well (including Colbert, even though this is not advertised). Unfortunately, Stewart is not featured in any of the commentaries - though just as well, since they're all fake anyway.

Colbert's studio tour DVD extra is enlightening in that it appears that The Daily Show is produced in the basement of a crack house somewhere - though the Daily Show has moved to a bigger studio, so the segment has become even more irrelevant than it was to begin with.

To sum up - if you're a fan of the show and don't already have these episodes illegally downloaded on your computer, this is worth the purchase just for the historical value. Also, if you don't have cable and have been wondering what all the fuss is about, this is definitely worth a purchase (though if you're at all conservative, prepare to be offended).

So while this is a good first effort at repackaging The Daily Show, I hope that they'll produce a "best of" clip DVD in the future.

13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5The Daily Show on DVD, finally!  Jun 29, 2005 By Christopher J. Stone
Being a fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for many years, I was ecstatic to hear that, finally, a DVD would be released, and what better material to release than their Emmy-award-winning coverage of the 2004 election. Throughout 2004, I found most of my news from The Daily Show. For those who are interested in politics and need a good laugh will find all they need in this awesome three-disc collection. The package is a box that contains three thinpaks. The first disc, "The Race from the White House," contains all four episodes of coverage from the Democratic National Convention in Boston, just as the second disc, "Target New York," contains all four epiodes of coverage from the Republican National convention. These episodes are hosted by Jon Stewart and supported by Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Samantha Bee, and Lewis Black. Each disc contains hilarious intros by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The third disc is filled with bonus material. Bonus episodes include their coverage of the first presidential debate "The Squabble in Coral Gables" and their live election coverage "Prelude to a Recount". There also is John Edwards declaring his presidential candidacy live on The Daily Show, an animated short "Daily Show Rock!", a parody of the Swift Boat effort "Continental Skiff Boat Oarsmen for Veracity", and the National Anthem sung by correspondents Bee, Colbert, Corddry, and Helms. Also on the bonus disc are pieces from each correspondent. There are reports by Bee, Colbert, Corddry, Helms, Steve Carell, and Bob Wiltfong. Worth noting is audio commentary on Bee's and Corddry's reports, which rarely comment on the piece while the correspondents just have crazy conversation.

Some people may believe that this is dated material that isn't as funny now or the future as it was when it actually occurred, but for those of you who paid close attention to the election year of 2004 will never forget the craziness that happened, and also should never forget the even crazier intepretation that The Daily Show gave. And for those of you new to The Daily Show, I highly recommend it, weeknights on Comedy Central.

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