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The Colbert Report: Logo Light Up Pen

The Colbert Report: Logo Light Up Pen

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The Colbert Report: Logo Light Up Pen



Availability:   Out of stock
Out of stock

  • Swiss nib

  • German ink cartridge

  • Plunger activated LED light

  • Frosted rubber grip

  • Lacquer coated nickel plated brass


Write with the same light-up pen Stephen uses!  This official Colbert Report light-up pen is the actual pen the founders would have used to sign the Constitution.  It features the same frosted rubberized finger grip that Ben Franklin would have gripped, and the same blue LED glow light he would have patented if he hadn't been so distracted by French whores.

Product Details
Package Length:6.2 inches
Package Width:1.5 inches
Package Height:1.0 inches
Package Weight:0.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 19 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 19 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

3The Colbert Report: Logo Light Up Pen (Office Product)  Oct 02, 2012 By The Colbert Report: Logo Light Up Pen (Office Product)
This pen if you double click it each time, or just keep clicking it til it finally lights up. It doesn't always happen with just one click
but it is possible for you to get it to glow each time you do use it. You can tell if you really watch Colbert on his show that sometimes
that is why he clicks it so many times LOL... it is just an ok pen.. more just for the novelty of it and just to make us laugh when we hold it in our
hands and say to the person across from us, " Nation..." but do not expect too much from it, and you wont then be disappointed. I wish the actual ink quality was better and more fluid when writing. Oh well... Still love Stephen and the show!

1Bad quality control  Apr 03, 2012 By Weeski
Purchased this pen several months ago and it was great. Then, as the cliche goes, my dog ate it.

I ordered a new one and it didn't work. You could not retract the pen. So I sent it back (free shipping, thankfully). I reordered it thinking it was just a one-time occurrence. Just received the new one and it has the same problem - you cannot retract the pen. Needless to say, I will not be ordering a new one!

So a "wag of my finger" to Colbert quality control for not, well, controlling the quality.

(Stephen, if you read this, I will retract this review if you send me a working pen, gratis! Yes, I can be bought.)

1TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE - THE PEN FLYS APART  Apr 10, 2013 By Jacques M. Rimokh
right out of the box. Basically, there is virtually nothing, like threads, keeping the bottom attached to the top. I bought 3, the other 2 didnt spring apart right away, but the connection of top and barrel is very loose and i have to use it very, very gently so it doesnt fly apart. this defect is astounding. otherwise the pen is cool with the blue light, but you can tell it's a very low quality pen.

5My boyfriend is sad enough without you  Dec 23, 2014 By Anita Germaine
Dear Colbert.....will you please make more pens?!?! My boyfriend is sad enough without you.....please let me get your pen for him!!! I will look for you at the Montclair Whole Foods!! I just need a pen..... Ps-thanks for everything! You DID rock and you DID win television!! :-) xoxo

1Great Pen Short Life  Mar 26, 2012 By Michael G
Purchaed this pen for my son as a gift and he loved it until it ran out of ink in less then a month. Refills are not offered on this site and we are unable to find a refill elsewhere. Too much money for a 1 month pen! We went from happy to feeling like we were ripped off.

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