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Terry Fator


Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas

Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas

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Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas

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Experience why America has fallen in love with Terry Fator's irresistible combination of humor and music and his hilarious cast of characters! The million-dollar winner of "America's Got Talent" and his endearing puppets deliver spot-on performances in the styles of such favorite singers as Louis Armstrong, Roy Orbison, Elvis, Etta James, Brooks & Dunn and many more!

Terry has won rave reviews on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Late Show with David Letterman and has been called “one of the best entertainers in the world” by no less than American Idol’s top judge, Simon Cowell. Live from Las Vegas, Terry Fator proves why he’s the hottest ticket in town!

Meet the Puppets (Click for larger image)

Terry Fator & Puppets: Biographies

Terry Fator
It took ventriloquist, singer, comedian and celebrity impressionist Terry Fator 32 years to become an overnight sensation when he won the hearts of American and was selected America’s Got Talent 2007 $1 million dollar prize winner on NBC-TV. His key decision to blend those incredible skills with his amazing ability to mimic famous singers won over the judges and millions of fans who voted for him.

Winston “The Impersonating Turtle”

One of the original members of Terry’s cast, Winston the impersonating turtle has wowed audiences with his impersonation of Kermit the Frog perfectly and then shifting to an awe inspiring rendition of Roy Orbison. Winston is one of Terry’s favorites and fittingly closes most shows with Terry beside him (where else would he be).

“The Lovely” Emma Taylor

This lovely lady has been with Terry from the beginning. Her unassuming appearance and quiet demeanor make her a welcome change from the rest of Terry’s colorful and flamboyant cast. That is until she does what she does best, sing – and, man, can she belt it out! She blew the judges away in her appearance on America’s Got Talent and has not looked back since.

Walter T. Airedale “The Country Man”

Walter T. Airedale is the self proclaimed “greatest country singer in the world.” As anyone who has heard him perform would agree, Walter T. Airedale indeed has one of the most unique and charismatic personalities on the country music scene today. His magnificent renditions leave women in the audience screaming for more. Talented, tough, sexy and a definite ladies man make Walter a hit from coast to coast. He truly is a legend.

Julius “The Soul Singer”

One of the great additions to Terry’s cast of entertainers is Julius, the greatest soul singer to ever hit Las Vegas! His smooth ballads, clever wit and flawless renditions are some of the best in the industry. From old to new, Julius has got it all. On an appearance with Oprah Winfrey, Julius brought the house down!

Maynard Tompkins “The Elvis Impersonator”

Maynard Tompkins is the self proclaimed “Greatest Elvis Impersonator in the World.” The only problem is that Maynard doesn’t seem to know any songs from the King. He is however a crowd favorite with his stunning outfits and smooth style with the exception of a slight stutter. The interaction between Maynard and Terry is priceless on stage. Maynard is the hope of every Elvis look-a-like in the country.

Dougie Scott Walker “The Rocker”

Dougie is the life of the show for everyone attending that had anything to do with the 60’s. A natural born rocker Dougie loves AC/DC, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Skynyrd and any group that really rocked those years. Suffering from occasional flashbacks and not afraid to show it, Dougie is one of the most colorful and outspoken characters in Terry’s show…and a total dude!

Product Details
Actors:Terry Fator
Format:Multiple Formats, AC-3, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
Number of Discs:1
Studio:Image Entertainment
Run Time:71 minutes
DVD Release Date:September 01, 2009
Average Customer Rating: based on 458 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 458 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

33 of 33 found the following review helpful:

5Fator's No Dummy  Aug 13, 2009 By Bennet Pomerantz "Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD"
Ever wonder what happen to some of those American's Got Talent winners. Bianca Ryan who was the first winner seem to vanish after her first CD.

However when it comes to Terry Fator, you see he has ventriloquism talent and musical chops to pull off a show worth a million bucks. His "Wooden" friends are believeable and enjoyable.

When I got the screener DVD, it did not have the commentary tracks as the final copy did, it only had the filmed concert. This is-- according to a friend who seen his live show at the Mirage -- his live show. It transfer well to DVD. Better than some of Jeff Dunham's DVDs. The show of puppets and music will keep you laughing and humming along. His range and vocal talent is so verse for entertainment

There is one problem with this show, there is a Micheal Jackson comedy duet with one of the puppets that seems to fall flat due to MJ's death.

One of the highlighs of the show is when Fator makes a male live audience member into a Cher puppet (dress and all). Fator does Sonny for a I got you Babe song

This is real family entertainment with an edge for young and old alike. After you see this once , you want to see this again

So Terry, when is the next DVD. I want to see more!

Bennet Pomerantz AUDIOWORLD

43 of 45 found the following review helpful:

5An Awesome Entertainer  Jun 25, 2009 By Teacherfan "JLM 70's fan"
I just saw his Vegas show at the Mirage. The characters are so realistic. You believe Terry is conversing with another person. He is so musically talented in many different genres! This is a great keepsake if you have seen him live, and for those not able to go to the Mirage, it will be a great substitute. He is a major entertainer of our day!

25 of 26 found the following review helpful:

5Fabulously funny!!  Aug 12, 2009 By Ann Callari "Delightfully haunted"
I saw Terry Fator at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. I never watched "America's Got Talent" so I didn't know who he was. What a show this was!! Terry Fator's characters are so funny and they seem so real because they each have a personality of their own, and Terry can really sing. He can sing anything - Rock, Soul, Country, etc. I obviously can't keep going to Vegas so I am ordering this DVD so I can view this show in my own living room. I can't wait to get the DVD so I can see him again. We absolutely loved him!!!

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

4Amazing Talent  Dec 23, 2009 By AMAE
Our family first saw Terry Fator on America's Got Talent. We instantly fell in love and were rooting for him from the very beginning. Hit talent to not only do ventriloquism, but also do amazing impersonations, blew us away. When he won AGT, we were thrilled for him and began watching his performances whenever we could on talk shows or You Tube. We have always watched him with our kids as he always presented good, clean family entertainment. We were so excited when he released his DVD. We bought it and sat down to watch it as a family. Within the first few minutes we were disappointed at the amount of adult humor. We were expecting the same "good, clean family entertainment" that he'd provided our family with in all his past performances. On this DVD, even the puppets that my children loved on You Tube were making inappropriate jokes or using vulgar language. My husband and I still really enjoy watching him, but we are sadly disappointed that the purchase we made for our family is inappropriate for our children, who love Terry Fator. We do understand he is a Vegas act and needed to make some changes to be in Vegas in order to sustain his act for an hour for an audience of adults; but were not expecting all the vulgar humor that we saw. Since I was not prepared at all for the PG-13 humor, I wanted to write a review in hopes that someone else is better prepared for what they would see if they bought it. Make no mistake, we feel that Terry Fator absolutely deserved to win AGT and is one of the most talented entertainers ever! We love him, but were disappointed at his changes in his act to make it more adult geared and less family entertainment.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

4"All right, Terry, put on your safety goggles, 'cause the underpants are about to start flying."  Sep 04, 2009 By H. Bala "Me Too Can Read"
Given, I'm pretty much hells to the no! when it comes to television reality shows. But a buddy said to check out this guy Terry Fator on YouTube, and so I did and was promptly flabbergasted (YouTube also clued me in to Cas Haley, an amazing singer, so maybe I'm missing out on America's Got Talent). Anyway, I knew I was getting this DVD once I heard about it.

For a guy whose main shtick, on the surface, is puppets, Terry Fator keeps you avidly tuned in for 71 minutes worth of show. But that's because there's much more to his act than just puppets. Dude is a capable ventriloquist, an uncanny impersonator, and a damn good singer. Add to that the fact that he doesn't pepper his act with the usual bland crop of puppet jokes. Oh, he does have puppet jokes, but I thought they were quite clever and very funny.

If you've caught his stuff on America's Got Talent, then you'll be familiar with several of his puppets and that these puppets do impersonations of famous singers. Okay, the pre-show gimmick is lame (Terry goes looking all over the Mirage casino for his missing puppets). But then Emma Taylor starts off the actual show with an awesome rendition of Etta James's "At Last" (the same song which wowwed the A.G.T. judges in Terry's audition). Winston the Impersonating Turtle, Terry's second favorite puppet, shows up and, of course, it's not a show without Winston singing "What A Wonderful World" as Kermit the Frog in a duet with Terry who also doubles as Louis Armstrong. But Terry's favorite puppet is actually that there cowboy dummy Walter T. Airdale. One of the best laughs happens when Terry Fator, gigged out as Michael Jackson, does a duet with the less-than-enthused Walter T. Airdale (who uneasily states: "Wait, somethin' - somethin' ain't right up here").

Other puppets are introduced - and Fator lends all of these with their own unique voices - the most outrageous of which is Viccki the Cougar (and I don't mean a cat!). I didn't catch any profanity being dropped in the show, but get yourself ready for some raunchy bits and some serious innuendo. Surprisingly, there's a smattering of shock value injected here and there. That's another thing I liked about Terry Fator's act, that it has bite and also that the jokes just aren't one-offs. There's an internal consistency to the humor, the gags extending naturally from Terry's ability to set up his puppets' characters and backstories. But, yeah, Terry does push the envelope juuust a tad, with the cougar routine and also when he introduces Julius, the exuberant black puppet. The Michael Jackson bit was taped before Michael's death, and so, to reflect this, there's an appeasing "Please don't hate" sort of note inserted in the DVD case.

And just to prove that he can actually carry a tune without hiding behind a dummy, he sings a few songs, propless. One of these songs happens to be "I Started A Joke," which I really appreciate because that's one of my favorite Bee Gees songs and Terry is perfectly on point with the voice impersonation.

The DVD to TERRY FATOR: LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS comes with two audio commentaries: one with Terry Fator, writer Rick Kerns, and director Mark Goffman; the other with Terry Fator and his puppet voices. Also included is a mini-book reprinting Chapter 1 of Terry's autobiography WHO'S THE DUMMY NOW?

If you like ventriloquist's puppets mimicking folks like Elvis, Roy Orbison, Aaron Neville, Marvin Gaye, Brooks & Dunn, the Bee Gees, and even Kermit the Frog (and the cougar covers the Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha")... And if you dig stage assistants who are drop dead smoking hot... If you like being entertained by a remarkable, offbeat, and unique Vegas act (and, sorry, but Jeff Dunham's puppets can't sing or impersonate famous singers)... well, yeah, get your paws on this one. Now I'm off to get Cas Haley's CD.

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