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Sleepwalk With Me Live

Sleepwalk With Me Live

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Sleepwalk With Me Live  (Audio CD) 
by Mike Birbiglia

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This is it! Mike Birbiglia s magnum opus Sleepwalk With Me is now on CD. In his theatrical debut, comedian Mike Birbiglia takes the audience on a hysterically funny and intensely personal journey through his struggles with sleepwalking and his reluctance to confront his fears of love, honesty and growing up. Sleepwalk With Me is the rare collision of comedy and theatre that touches your funny bone and tickles your heart.

Product Details
Audio CD Release Date:April 19, 2011
Studio:Comedy Central Rec.
Number Of Discs:1
Average Customer Rating: based on 36 reviews

Track Listing
1. Don't Tell Anyone
2. There's Something in My Bladder
3. The Hovering Jackal
4. Abbie
5. Delusion
6. I'm a Bear, Etc.
7. Dustbuster Olympics
8. The Promise of Sleep
9. Wedding Story
10. My Brother Joe's Wedding
11. Fight Club
12. The Missile

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:5.0 ( 36 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

18 of 18 found the following review helpful:

5Thank goodness he didn't become a rapper...  Jun 03, 2011 By J. R. Borntrager "<--- Likes ramen"
I want to say before we get started- I'm a BIG FAN of Mike Birbiglia. That said, I also put my comedy under the microscope when I listen to it. I refuse to let people get by solely on popularity and cheap laughs. It sounds weird, but I take it very seriously. I listen for things like timing, style, set-up, subtlety, and overall delivery. I. Love. My. Standup.

This album is Birbiglia's masterpiece. Someone else who gave it a low review complained he's doing the same old jokes. Well, for those of us who ONLY get to catch Birbiglia on disc (or the occasional tv spot), none of this is "old rehashed material." I have his two albums before this- aside from an "inside joke" here or there, like "I'm in the future also" or "...I know..." NONE of this is from previous releases. Now to the album.

I have listened to this about six times in the last week. Start to finish. Birbiglia has grown in terms of his presentation. He worked on this and performed it off-broadway for 8 months and then recorded it with an audience. It is amazing. His ability to present a story, in the form of comedy, while being so personal and themed around troubles sleeping just blows my mind. He also chose to use more theatric voices and changes in tone in his voice. (Ive heard many complaints his voice is too monotone on previous releases; which is fair), BUT on this album he does SO MUCH to wrap you in it's amazing.

For those who enjoy comedy themed around personal experience and growing as a person, as opposed to "observations on society" humor, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS! If you're already a comedy buff, this album is right there with Christopher Titus' stand-up...without the vulgarity and insanity. (If you haven't- please check out Christopher Titus comedy as well- again, he is a fantastic story teller!)

Honestly, I see comedy as either science or art. The science is looking at it from the stand point of "setup+punchline=laughs". Anyone can do that with enough effort. The art of comedy comes from personal experience. Being able to not only make a crowd laugh, but make them feel something genuine. It takes heart and honesty to achieve that. This disc does it perfectly. Mike Birbigaboo is a storyteller with jokes lined throughout that produce a genuine laugh and I can not express enough how fantastic this album is.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5A Gifted Humorist at His Best  Apr 20, 2011 By Amazon Customer
I drove from Indianapolis to Cincinnati to see one of the performances recorded for this release. I'd seen the show before, but wanted to be there when it was documented for the ages. It was well worth the trip! Mike Birbiglia is a gifted humorist and "Sleepwalk With Me" is a wonderful creation. Hilarious, intimate and moving, it's a beaut. Mike was at his best the night I was there and you'll get to hear it here. Highest recommendation!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5A Classic!!!  Apr 24, 2011 By Floopy
Here's one of those rare comedy cd's that is destined to become a classic! Sooooo funny!! And surprisingly moving too! Cool stuff!

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5One of the best comedy routines EVER!  Mar 16, 2012 By T. Todd
This whole album weaves together brilliantly. It's way above a comedien just going down a list of jokes. I've listened to it about 10 times already, and I'm still amazed at how every joke ties to some other joke later, in hilarious fashion. It reminds me of Tolkein, how every detail is there for a reason, and ties in with other details, chapters or books downriver. It's on a par with Cosby's BUCK BUCK and Abbott and Costello's WHO'S ON FIRST. It's a comedy masterpiece.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic Storytelling (Also, Hilarious)  Jul 31, 2012 By T. A. Daniel "Alex"
After running his one-man off-broadway show, Mike Birbiglia wrote a memoir: SLEEPWALK WITH ME: AND OTHER PAINFULLY TRUE STORIES. To tour for this book, Birbiglia took many distilled elements of the book and condensed it into a roughly hour long CD. SLEEPWALK WITH ME LIVE is that CD. Make no mistake, it's a comedy record, but it's also Birbiglia's most personal. Most of it is funny, but there are a few points that are poignant, a few that are scary, and a few that are sad.

SLEEPWALK WITH ME LIVE is essentially the story of Mike Birbiglia's odd sleep behavior and how it escalated through his life. As it escalates, it affects and mirrors his relationships with other people. Some of the material here is painfully personal, but for me, the shining moments on this album are when the comedian is willing to let the jokes take a break. The moment his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum, and the moment he spends with his dad at the end of the story; these vignettes feel like they could have been lifted from THIS AMERICAN LIFE.

For listeners new to Mike Birbiglia, I think I would recommend MY SECRET PUBLIC JOURNAL LIVE as a potential gateway before this release. SLEEPWALK WITH ME isn't particularly esoteric, but his previous release has funnier moments than some of the ones here (which are traded here for more poignant moments). Essential bits to download/hear: "There's Something In My Bladder," "I'm A Bear, Etc.," and "The Missile."

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