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Futurama: Zoidberg by Kidrobot

Futurama: Zoidberg by Kidrobot

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Futurama: Zoidberg by Kidrobot



Availability:   Out of stock
Out of stock

  • Futurama Zoidberg figure is a Kidrobot x Futurama medium size vinyl toy.

  • Figure is 6 inches tall and made of soft injection-molded vinyl

  • Intended for ages 15+ and contains small parts.

CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


There's a doctor in the house. Complete with stethoscope accessory, the Kidrobot-ized 6 inch vinyl Futurama Zoidberg figure will listen to your intestinea. If you lose him, look in the nearest dumpster. Super ink squirting decapodians rule.

Product Details
Product Length:3.0 inches
Product Width:5.0 inches
Product Height:6.0 inches
Product Weight:1.04 pounds
Package Length:8.8 inches
Package Width:8.0 inches
Package Height:6.4 inches
Package Weight:1.06 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 17 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 17 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Love it. Bigger than I thought.  Jan 28, 2014 By K-Lyn Castle
The price isn't great for any of them but I'm still happy I bought this. This cute little guy watches TV on the shelf with me every night and it makes me smile. Though it says that it is a 6 inch. figure, it's hard to properly visualize the size until you actually have it in your hand. Therefore it is bigger than I thought it would be but that just gives it more detail that you can't appreciate on the same 3 inch. mini figure. With that being said, I'm glad I decided to buy Zoidberg first as he is my favorite character but I don't think I will be buying anymore of the 6 inch. figures that I was thinking about as it would just be too much on one shelf. The blue eyes do annoy me slightly but I've gotten used to them. I read that it was a choice by FOX to do that color for some unknown reason so you can expect that on all of them.

Why not Zoidberg? *scuttles* (V) ( ; , , ; ) (V) Woob Woob Woob Woob Woob.

4Cute Zoidberg Figure  Oct 10, 2013 By M. Valera
Wonderful and adorable Zoidberg figure, also really like the figure's size. Detailing on the figure is great, though my one huge gripe with the figure is that the stethoscope lays on the figure at an awkward angle and seems to be slightly on the short side. This makes it a bit difficult to view the accessory from a distance and/or from the front. This could've been solved easily, which is why i find it annoying.

2Bad Seller  Jul 01, 2015 By Michael P. Macharg "Potter Freak"
I Love the product, but the box came damaged, completely undisplayable. Also product was sold as new, but was clearly opened, and the plastic that is should have been in came completely missing...

5Well  Jul 12, 2013 By cmla
It's a SDCC exclusive so it's going to be pricey. All kidrobot stuff this size retails for $50. It's already on eBay for $100-150. So buy two, sell one, and you've got yourself Zoidberg for free.

5$25!? That's a steal!!  Aug 27, 2013 By J. Tatro
These retailed for $49.99 via Kidrobot and their retailers. Half price not much more than a month after release is a great price! Too bad I already ha e this and the SDCC version

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