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Futurama: Hypnotoad by Kidrobot

Futurama: Hypnotoad by Kidrobot

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Futurama: Hypnotoad by Kidrobot



Availability:   Out of stock
Out of stock

  • Futurama Hypnotoad is a Kidrobot x Futurama medium size vinyl toy.

  • Figure is 4.5 inches tall (given its width, the figure is the same scale as other Kidrobot medium size vinyl figures, most of which are 6 inches tall), made of vinyl, and packaged in a closed box.

  • Futurama Hypnotoad has specially crafted eyes, featuring clear ABS domes covering lenticular stickers on flat vinyl.

  • Intended for ages 15+ and contains small parts.


All Glory to the Hypnotoad! Meet Hypnotoad, beloved hypnotizing amphibian from Matt Groening's celebrated television series, Futurama, now stylized in 4.5 inches of vinyl. Now, you too can win a pet contest. Don't have sheep? Herd your cats, because his eyes really pulsate with changing colors. How? Toy magic. So it's like having the real Hypnotoad? Nope, it's a toy! Droning hum not included.

Product Details
Package Length:7.3 inches
Package Width:6.5 inches
Package Height:5.6 inches
Package Weight:1.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:5.0 ( 1 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5great collectable for Futurama fans!  Aug 17, 2012 By Evelyn Rynkiewicz "eco-nerd"
I bought the Hypnotoad toy for my husband's birthday as soon as I saw they were available. The toy doesn't make the iconic noise, but the hologram eyes are cool and its made of high quality materials. Some people online were complaining about the high price, but since this is more of a collectable and less of a toy you would give to a child to play with, and since it is made by a non-mainstream manufacturer, I think its worth the price. My husband loves it, any true Futurama fan would!

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